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The perfect combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea and plant.

Laminine is a natural, synergistic superfood that contains 22 amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). Laminine is extracted from fertile eggs on the 9th day of life; all the potential life force is active but the cells (stem cells) have not begun to differentiate.

Most people find Laminine gives tangible changes within 48 hours -- improved mood, motivation, better digestion/elimination, renewed eyesight, etc. Depending on what your body has been lacking, Laminine feeds your cells so they can rebuild/rebalance your body and turn back time.

Laminine contains a natural combination of nutrients, including amino acids, glycopeptides, and oligopeptides that come from fertilized eggs, isolated plant proteins, and marine elements that work together to form a super food for the mind and body.

Laminine has a variety of potential health benefits, including, strength, stamina, increased libido, and sense of well being. These various effects may all be related to the significant reduction of the stress hormone cortisol (by about 50 percent) after the ingestion of Laminine.

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The Health Benefits of Laminine

Regular use of Laminine helps provide:

Stress & Strain Relief

• Maintain healthy cortisol levels

• Regulate serotonin levels

• Reduce physical and mental stress

Sleep & Skin Improvement

• Promote more restful sleep

• Moderate the stress response

• Build collagen for healthier skin

• Reduce signs of normal aging

Energy & Physical Strength

• Improve stamina and energy

• Enjoy faster post workout recovery

• Enhance muscle tone and strength

• Increase libido/sexual desire

Mental & Emotional Boost

• Stimulate natural DHEA production

• Aid in brain function and activity

• Increase alertness

• Improve focus

• Support emotional balance

• Enhance overall sense of well-being

• Increase physical, mental strength