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A Formula for life

Have you ever wondered how a child physically develops at such a dramatic rate?

How a young person can exert so much energy and recover almost instantly?

Are you curious about why a child is able to pick up languages so quickly and how they can remember the smallest details?

The real answer lies in a compound that is essential in supporting embryonic development; it is called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). While FGF is readily available in the human placenta, its availability to the human body diminishes over time and essentially vanishes as we age.

Our body is incapable of producing its own FGF, so it must derive it from the food supply.

Laminine, a natural supplement, is believed to be the only other known source of FGF in adults. Research credits FGF with essentially reprogramming adult stem cells and amino acids in the body to travel to the areas that need it the most. Once there, these repair tools have the ability to integrate themselves with that particular body part. Their mission then becomes to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in that location, wherever it is in the body.

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The perfect combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea and plant. Laminine is a natural, synergistic superfood that contains ...

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Developed from the highest quality resources to ensure safety and an effectively potent formula. It is composed of the highest quality of four ingredients:

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